A Message from Fr. Stephen

It seems like we're living in the meantime; the time in between now and what the Church will be and look like a year from now. I really don't know.

Actually, we have always lived in the meantime. It begins with today. We're put on this earth for a limited time. It is the meantime.

One of the ingredients of our present meantime is uncertainty. Will Church ever be the same again? It's uncertain. The tendency is to be more comfortable when things are certain, but I want to suggest that it can be much more powerful when we live in the arena of uncertainty.

Uncertainty within the Church context has allowed us to create a new way of worshipping. The attendance of our weekly Facebook service is 10 times more than the usual attendance on Sunday mornings. The daily meditations have been received enthusiastically. They are like short homilies. Who would have thought of that?

Living in the uncertainty of now is really an invitation to redesign our lives like never before. I have met more neighbors in the past year than I have in the previous 10 years.

Uncertainty – it can be a miserable time of being uncomfortable, or it can be a delightful time of being creative. We get to choose the arena in which we live.

Fr. Stephen

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